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  • Is it snowing?

    I went out into my garden this morning to check out our one and only coffee bush and, for a moment, thought that it had snowed overnight. Pigs will fly before it snows here, near Lismore. We had three mls of rain yesterday evening, and after an unusually long dry spell, the bush has burst into sudden flower. It's screaming Propagate! Survive! Set fruit! Growers use this sudden response to water to trigger flowering at the right time. It was a pretty sight.
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    Lovely. I wished my 2 coffee bushes looked like that. 6 years old, less than a quarter that size and have had about 10 flowers between them.
    I am trying to grow them outdoors (slightly protected) in Melbourne.


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      Ah, around Lismore you can drive a Star Picket into the ground one day, and have a steel power pole the next...

      Great soil around there....



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        You are brave, optimistic,, can't think of another adjective to describe your efforts to grow coffee in Melbourne. Keep it up! A bit of protection, a warm corner, no snow....Good luck. If they don't flower much, no worries. They're beautiful plants regardless.


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          We had a tiny shower here on Brissie Northside last night and this morning the few flowers from yesterday have magically increased hugely overnight.