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  • Coffee Bean De-husker

    I have finally had my Arabica trees bear some flowers ready to fruit, and when I can finally collect my beans I'd like to know of a way of de-husking them prior to drying. If there is anyone who knows of a place to buy a small one, or how to make one with detailed drawings or plan of how to build it, please let me know.

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    Have a search for Cape Australia, I have a hand huller from them for once the beans are dried, it was a fair price and is effective. They have pulpers too which is probably what you're after.


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      If it's the 1st time your trees have fruited then there is probably not going to be enough fruit for a mechanical pulper for a few years. They will not all ripen at once anyway. Just pulp it by hand. It becomes a pain once you start having to pulp a few kilos at the same time.

      Pulpers are the more expensive bits of equipment. Once dry, you can use plastic blades in a food processor to do the hulling which you don't need to do until ready to roast.

      As mentioned below Cape Australia do sell both hand Hullers and Pulpers. The hullers being reasonable price wise and worth getting. Pulpers are quite a lot more expensive. However worth getting once you start getting good fruit volumes, because hand pulping can be time consuming and hard on the fingers.

      Good luck with your first crop.