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  • Storage or sell

    We just sold our house and will be living in a rental till our new place is built.
    Our new place however has been delayed so we will be renting for around a year or maybe more...
    (buying off the plan is sooooo much fun.....NOT)

    Anyways, been in a rental, of course i cant plumb my r58 in, going to ask for permission to install an underbench filter system, but dont want to connect it to the kitchen tap, as it will be used for washing dishes also, and cant change the taps to get the 3 way mixer taps, or add the smaller filter tap.

    I hate the look of thosekitchen top filter systems, so thats out of the question also,

    so can you completely empty the twin boilers of the r58 and keep it in storage, or should i just sell it and get something else when our new place is built and we move in.

    Any downside (apart from not been able to use it) to keeping it in storage.

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    Hi John,

    Congrats on the sale.

    I'd advise that you use your R58. A bench top filter can easily go in a laundry.

    Plan B? Purchase bottled...

    Your machine is way too good to sell yet- unless you have plans for something else in the new pad.


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      thought about the laundry Chris, but the rental is a 2 story unit, and the laundry is downstairs and kitchen upstairs, i have a feeling it will drive me nuts filling the tank downstairs and carrying it upstairs

      bottled may be a good option though, didnt think of that.

      On the up side i'll be much closer to you when the new pad is built thats going to be dangerous to the bank balance i think


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        Install your filter downstairs and fill a 20litre container for decanting into machine