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    Hi All!

    Sorry to be a bother but Im looking for either a SO or a blend which I tasted in Indonesia a while back. Also one other, but as below:

    * Indonesian:
    It had a really deep earthy exotic flavour almost like a light volcanic mud (for want of a better expression) with a very soft mouthfeel and gently lingering palate with an awesomely addictive character. One mouthful and all you could think of was rich, wet, red earth. There was no bitterness, little crema to mention, a subtle sweetness and very smooth. Mostly bass notes to the taste. No jitters after 10+ cups so Im guessing it was all high-grown Arabica. Sadly I have lost my contact in Indonesia so I cant trace it. Any hints as to either an SO or a blend solution to get that taste again?

    * Other:
    Referred to by my friend only as "Malaysian coffee". He told me that it was roasted with cocoa butter (or similar) in an open pan. A really black and shiny roast, somewhat sticky as very coarse grinds and produced a really dark black and very fragrant distillate (diesel? ) even from a drip filter. Very memorable and more-ish straight up but even better with a little demarera (sp?). Anything the brew touched became permanently stained. However, it tasted very good in my opinion. Any ideas what it was or where to source it locally?

    Sorry to be looking for something so far from the norm of what is discussed here, but both kinds have meaning to me and I would like to be able to recapture the tastes again.

    Cheers - Cremaholic.

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    Re: Looking for...

    Gday CH,

    Sounds like it might have been a really good SO Mandheling or a Sulawesi Kalosi Tojora, most likely the latter and taken into rolling 2nd-Crack for the predominance of the bass notes you describe. Cant help you with the other one though ,



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      Re: Looking for...

      I have the Indonesian Sumatran Mandheling "Kuda Mas which fits that description.

      For roasted beans see here:

      Or as a green bean: