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    Hey Guys...

    I had this posted in the news section and got no reply, so here it is again... I hope your keen for it!

    Recently our catering company was approached by a small organisation ( who are doing great things on the ground in Ethiopia to help the health of women who have had issues during child birth. Anyway, they are having a trivia night and silent auction in order to raise funds to help! We are supplying all the food for the event as I personally feel that it is a wrthy cause. It is in Melbourne and tickets are only $10.00. If any one wants to join in, let me know... Its on September 8th.

    OK, that was a bit of a ramble... anyway, what if we throw a similar event to help raise money for the fair crack fund... this could be an annual event that moves from state to state each year (maybe biannual?) I mean with nearly 3000 registered members, surely we could make this work!

    Silent auctions with donations from site sponsers would be a roaring success! I know for one, I would be proud to put my hand up and supply the food for the events in Melbourne!

    For me, this would really help make a difference, with all food, drink and coffee included it reckon we could charge around $80 to $100 per ticket and make some serious dough to help those in need.

    Just imagine 3000 members and 3000 partners... wed just about need the Palladium at Crown! (OK, now Im getting ahead of myself).

    So, thats it... hats my thought of the day... Im keen, and I hope you all are too!

    Cheers! [smiley=beer.gif]


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    Re: Charity Event...

    Great concept Steve! Talk Coffee would definitely support it!



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      Re: Charity Event...


      How did this one get away?


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        Re: Charity Event...

        I agree NE14 its a great
        idea im sure we could help with donations here also.