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  • Javaphile
    Re: 61 to go

    Indeed, the rate of new members joining has been accelerating in the last month and a half.

    When we hit 2,600 members the predictive graph I made for the 2,000 member contest was still dead on right to the day. Since then though the rate has been increasing until today as we near 3,000 the chart is almost 2 weeks behind the actual numbers. Per the chart we would hit 3,000 around the 19th of this month. At this point it looks like well hit 3k roughly 2 weeks ahead of then.

    WooHoo!! Grow baby grow!

    Java "Arent numbers fun?!" phile

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  • grendel
    started a topic 61 to go

    61 to go

    We are 61 people from 3000 members. Seems like only weeks ago we were all waiting for the big 2000 to pop up!