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    Hey Gents!

    1st post here on the forum! I am a big coffee & espresso drinker and recently wanted bought all new equipment for my house. Im set with my coffee maker and beans, but still having to prefect my espresso machine and beans that I buy. Im currently using Brevielle Barista Express and find it fairly easy to use. I have tried multiple beans by Lavazza and Orphea (RED). I get a decent cup but not wowed by the quality of the espresso. My sister owns the nespresso and uses the pods (NESPRESSO Dharkan) and my definition of a perfect cup. I want to replicate that with my Breville. I cannot buy nespresso beans for my machine either.

    I am asking for your suggestion regarding beans and settings if someone was having some trouble I was. I have owned my Breville for about 3 months now and have 2 cups of espresso a day myself. I have descaled, replace filter, etc. The machine is well maintained. I am also using Non Pressurized porta filter.

    Please let me know what you think!


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    Hi Steve, welcome aboard! If you are trying to replicate Nespresso then you are best off buying a Nespresso. Most people who buy a real coffee machine and grinder try their best not to replicate Nespresso.

    If you are willing to be broader minded then I recommend buying some Espresso Wow or one of the other amazing pre-roasted coffees from BeanBay (see link up top) and see what that does to your taste buds. Alternatively go to a local coffee shop that sells fresh good quality beans and give them a try. Good luck!


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      Threads like this make me wonder what happened to the OP.
      I guess I would have expected a reply to Dan's post, given that the OP bothered to contact us in the first place as a source of "expertise".
      I have no experience with a Breville, but I would have thought that (with the right grind) it would do a reasonable job on a load of 'WOW' bean and that the result should give Steve a good benchmark to compare with the output from a 'Nespresso'.
      If he still prefers the Nespresso then he should sell the Breville and get a Nespresso. Why mess around with a proper Espresso machine if you don't see it as a major improvement.
      If you are still out there Steve, lets hear from you.