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  • Single Boiler - Stupid Question


    I’ve had a couple of Sunbeams over the years (6910 & 7000) and have picked up a Lelit 41temp. I understand that using steam will deplete the boiler and I refill it afterwards by pumping water through the “hot water” setting.
    I chemically back flushed the machine today and by the end of it thought I would have used quite a bit of water from the boiler. But to my surprise it only took a second for water to stream out indicating that bugger all boiler water had been used.
    Do I need to refill the boiler after shots and back flushing or only after steaming milk?

    Many thanks

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    Hi Brad, no its not a stupid question unless its the third time its been asked, IMHO :-)
    As someone who moved from an HX to a SBDU VBM, there is a certain amount of learning, but if you're running the machine for shots/backflushing then the pump will automatically refill the boiler. As you surmised, the steaming function does need your manual intervention to refill.
    Once you've got that down, no dramas.


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      Wonderful, thanks for your help