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Seeking recommendations on places for free cupping sessions

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  • Seeking recommendations on places for free cupping sessions

    Hello everyone,

    I've gotten advice that I should do as many cupping/tastings as possible to train my palate I've only noticed there are few coffee shops that do public cupping/tasting in Melbourne, like Seven Seeds, Market Lane, Rumble and Padre

    Does anyone knows any other places that I may be able to get free cupping/tastings that I could participate? Just looking for opportunities to learn about coffee while meeting new friends. Alternatively, is anyone out there kind enough to invite a keen-to-learn young man to join them for cupping/tastings?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Searching Google for "Melbourne free Coffee Cupping" seems to bring up a number of options.


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      Yes, those are mainly the ones I found but I was hoping someone may know something like private cupping that I could potentially join. Or possibly something like a networking event that allows me to do such things.


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        Maybe try check out Veneziano Coffee Richmond.

        Fellow malaysian here btw.


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          Hello Skeevs!

          I had a look around their website, it seems Veneziano isn't doing any sort of public cupping.


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            I thought I saw a sign for cupping sessions every Thurs or Friday while I was there. Maybe give them a call and see.


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              Thanks Skeevs. Appreciate it. Will pay them visit in a day or two since I've just landed in Melbourne about a week ago from Perth so I'm still tasting different coffees.

              Meanwhile, I wonder if it would be stupid to start a thread on the "Home Roasting - Tips, Tricks, Ideas" about VIC-based coffee roaster enthusiast about either sending me some of their roasted coffee for cupping or even potentially joining them the next time they cup!


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                Welcome to Melbourne

                Couple of worthy places to check out coffee around the city:
                Patricia coffee
                Brother Baba Budan
                Duke's coffee roasters ( I haven't tried this one yet)
                Bonnie coffee
                Code Black Coffee


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                  I have tried many of them : Dukes, Bonnie, Vacation, St Ali (brother baba budan) Padre, Seven Seeds, Industry Beans, Sensory Lab, Axil, Proud Mary, Market Lane.

                  There are few more to go, but what I am hoping is to cup them in their original taste as they're done properly unlike many Filter Coffee I've tried in stores which were either under or over extracted. So far there's only 1 that hit the perfect spot on filter coffee.