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Dialing in grinder - weight vs volume - HELP

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  • Dialing in grinder - weight vs volume - HELP

    I have been getting by for some time by aiming for a double basket shot of ~2 x 25ml in VOLUME in 25 seconds. But I now read that brew RATIO not VOLUME is the way to go. So being adventurous and stupid I started weighing everything and changing all my settings and timings. Outcome - total confusion. The common aim seems to be a double basket ratio of 1:2. 18-20g in and 36-40g out. Simple - NOT!

    Weighing my double basket I get 21g and then an output of 67 -76g so close but no cigar! WTF! Do I divide this for 2 cups. NO, I am sure after reading 5 web sites 3 times over it is 18-20g for a DOUBLE basket and 36-40 grams total output for a DOUBLE shot or TWO cups. So am I mad, badly set up, inaccurate scales?????????????

    My set up is: Rocket Giotto (regularly flushed), Compak K3 Grinder, 2 week old P2 beans from Chris Natoli. My dosing is: dose to a mound, tap tap, fill and level off flat, tamp = 21g (I am now just doing one fill and light tap to get 18-20g). The shot is usually ~2o seconds as we like a sweeter brew and this has suited the P2 blend in the past.

    We drink flat white so I miss much of the subtly and guidance of bitter/sour etc of a straight shot. But when I do taste a shot I have thought I miss the 'god shot' by some distanced, thus my trying the ratio technique.

    Any suggestions?

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    I suggest stopping the shot earlier to get the right yield. Stick the scales under the cups if it'll fit, then you'll know when to stop the shot. Also the "18-20 in, 36-40 out" doesn't mean you should aim for anywhere in that range, especially with the dose (in) pick a weight and stick to it (e.g. 18g). Use the scale when you're dosing and spoon some out if you go over. Accuracy allows you to effect a small change. So start by measuring weight in and out (lock these values in and don't change them), then adjust the grind setting to change the time it takes to be in the ballpark and use taste as your fine tuning from there. If you then have it tasting as good as it can get but it's not quite right change the yield (out) and start again with the grind etc.


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      Still getting very mixed results so I'll buy better scales. Kitchen ones just not good enough.