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Coffee in Fiji Islands

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  • Coffee in Fiji Islands


    Just returned from a 2 week holiday in Fiji - visiting Mana Island and Amunuca Island. Now, dont get me wrong, I didnt visit Fiji for the coffee (although I wasnt sure how I would survive). I actually thought of it as a good reason for detox (from coffee, at least! ;D).

    Anyhow, at Mana they had pretty good brewed coffee, so I survived (just().

    At Amunuca, I quickly eyed-off the beautiful 2 group Faema coffee machines that they had - they had lots of them, including one at the hardly used rain forest cafe. So my expectations were a bit higher. The coffee made from them, however, was CRAP - awful, and at nearly $4.00 a cup, not even worth it. I even sunk as low as instant as an alternative in our island bure. The coffee made by the staff was so bad and inconsistent, it wasnt even funny. One day my coffee was even served on a saucer that was covered with egg yolk!

    Not that Im complaining - had a wonderful time and the Fijians were so nice, but in terms of coffee I was so disappointed. I wouldnt have been if I hadnt spotted the Faema Coffee machines, but boy or boy, the operator (and perhaps fresh beans!) has a lot to do with it! Only having long life milk doesnt help, Im sure.

    Anyhow, I had my detox and happy to be reunited with my Giotto.

    Cheers, Mary