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    Hi everyone

    I just moved over to Perth from Sydney and used to get this AMAZING coffee from a cafe called Tramezzini in the AMP plaza. They use Allpress coffee and seriously, I have never tasted anything as good again. So after working out that Perth is really limited in good cafes, and after experiencing some terrible, terrible coffee from all the cafes in our area, we decided to invest in a coffee machine. Our little Rocky and Silvia are now just one day old and they are sooooo good! Obviously were new at this game and were just beginners, so were still learning the art....

    But anyway, back to the original reason for my post. Does anyone know where/how I can get my hands on Allpress coffee beans? Anyone??

    Thanks and great Forum!

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    Re: Allpress YUM

    Support site spnsors. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of their product.


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      Re: Allpress YUM

      from our experience, Perth has quite a few good cafes... and we will miss them now we have moved on.

      i am sure Grendel, Javab, The Goodies and others will be able to add to our small list of favourites:
      T5 in Joondalup and Epic in central Perth, the cafe attached to the WA Art gallery & TigerTiger.

      super fresh and top quality roasted coffee beans are available from the dedicated team at 5 Senses Coffee, off Dixon Road in Rockingham.
      whereabouts in Perth are you?



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        Re: Allpress YUM

        Oh wow thank you! Im writing a list.....

        Just moved north of river, near landsdale. Honestly our choices are McCafe or a small cafe in landsdale. Ive given it a go and persisted but just couldnt drink it. They use espresso italiano, and I think theyre just new to it all. Shame really it had so much potential.

        Yeah Ive heard of epic but theyre opening hours are really restrictive though =(

        Thanks for your advice!


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          Re: Allpress YUM

          Hi Joe,

          I think that its great that you have found coffee that you like. Im sure that if you contact Allpress they would be thrilled to hear from you and help you out. At the very least, Im sure that they will be able to point you to their local distributor. Alternatively, if you buddy up with the guys at Tramezzini, you might be able to arrange to buy some through them.

          That was the short answer. Then there are two points that Id like to add to flesh it out ...

          First up, Im sure that you know that the barista makes a huge difference. It might just be that the baristas making coffee at other cafes you have tried ... well ... suck. Im from Melbourne, so Im not familiar with all the ins and outs of Perths coffee scene, but I worked with many of the guys from Epic Espresso in West Perth and I can tell you that they dont suck. So that might be a place worthwhile trying out.

          Second, it is probably a good idea to find a blend to stick with for the first few months whilst getting used to your new machines. If you are going to go to Tramezzini a lot, the blend that they get from Allpress is probably a good choice (presuming that shipping doesnt make it prohibitively expensive). It will be quite valuable to you to be able to compare your coffee at home to their coffee. However, once you have learnt how to get the most out of your equipment, I hope that you take the opportunity to broaden your horizons. You cant lose; either you will find something that you like more, or you will develop your palate to be able to better appreciate what you are drinking.




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            Re: Allpress YUM

            Thanks Luca.

            Ii cant wait to try Epic and T5. Like I said Epics opening hours (weekdays only) are make it almost impossible for me to get to - but I will go there someday!

            Good points about trying different coffee. Just got Belaroma and its lovely.

            Im sure there are heaps of places in Perth, and there are tons around the city areas, but I should have been more specific when I said Ive tried a few. Ive tried cafes mostly near me (not inner city) and I think being more suburbia there isnt a market for yummy cafes that you can hang out in and read the paper and drink delicious coffee at - yet.

            Ive tried a few up and down West coast highway (along the beach) and service has been slow (1 hr at one place!) or just ok.

            Anyway I know there are gems out there - just need someone to point them out to me, so keep the responses coming =)


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              Re: Allpress YUM

              Have a look at Grendels blog. He has a good coffee map for Perth.