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Adelaide water do you filter and or remineralise

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  • Adelaide water do you filter and or remineralise

    So I am just wondering what water people are using and getting great results.
    Tap water -> filtered water (what filter) -> remineralised distilled or filtered water

    I am just trying to isolate variables to producing as good espresso as my machine, and my ability to dial in will allow. I am currently at the mercy of a breville BES810BSS although I am hoping to upgrade to a Flair Signature Pro at some point (if my wife lets me bring it into the kitchen). I am also trying to develop my pallate and ability to dial in different beans (currently using five senses Mwendi Wega). It's good I am just trying to dial in different flavour profiles. Hoping to end on a sweeter note.

    I might try Matt Perger's water one day just to see if it makes a difference.

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    Hi bazzawill, my setup is just filtered water using a Brita C150 Finest under the kitchen sink. That water recipe looks interesting - it could certainly help with quality control however that sort of thing goes beyond my needs (and available time!).

    I get my beans from La Crema in St Marys, and Tony there has recommended Puretec filters for Adelaide water. It looked like they had their whole building hooked up to a single Puretec cartridge (same size as the Brita one underneath my kitchen sink). I guess a commercial operation has different needs to home setup, however the Brita/Puretec option could be a good start I guess?


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      I wonder which one he uses


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        I just remembered I took a photo! It was the 'CO-I150' (funny what sort of info one keeps logged away on the digital archives...)


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          I am south of Adelaide and our water from the tap has tested as quite soft, I still use a filter jug.

          My machine is off to Complete Cafe Services this very morning for a service so we will find out whether it has made a difference or not.