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  • I was obviously wrong

    This article appeared on the front of the Weekend Australian Business Review Aug 17/18.
    It has always been my mission to avoid any contact with Vittoria bean but after reading this article I have seen the error of my ways.
    Les Schirato (the Owner) says Vittoria bean is a world-beater and is used in Qantas First/Business Class lounges around the world and by hotel chains such as Hilton, Sheraton and Four Seasons.
    You owe it to yourself to read the article so that you will realise that you don't need to be buying your bean from all those snobby Boutique Roasters and avoiding the world-class cafes that proudly display the "Vittoria" banner out the front.
    In future I am going to buy all my bean from Coles and Woolworths as it is the best available. Les says so.

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    Rocky distinctly remember the day when I realised Vittoria Coffee was special. About a year ago, went to the gym at North Sydney Leagues Club and something must have been on as the 3 storey car park was full, except for two spots. The two spots had a nice little brown and gold Vittoria emblazoned Audi A3 parked in the middle of the two spots! At that point I realised Vittoria was 'special'.


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      Hilarious - and I was also imagining the immaculately dressed salespeople in their Hugo Boss suits parking their Audi A8s outside the cafes.


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        I actually did look for a wanker carrying an Audi bag so I could relay to him my opinion on his parking abilities, hopefully in front of the person he was visiting It is a very small car for two spots. Never had a coffee at the leaguesy, probably lucky. Not sure why he didn't mention the leagues club in his whos who who list


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          in other news, coffee roasting corporation pays for a puff piece because they're worried about losing market share.

          i don't know what they have to be worried about tbh. people are still willing to buy s**t coffee as long as it's cheap - look at 7/11. they'll continue to flourish.

          and gold audis? actually a clever ploy. the only people who get drawn in by that tacky bulls**t are the only ones dumb and rich enough to buy into that crap.


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            The thing that surprised me most was the claim that it was being served in the Qantas 1st Class & Business lounges. Seriously?
            I would be a bit disappointed to sit down with a coffee in the Business Lounge and find it tasted like Vittoria.
            Probably highlights how undiscriminating most people are - regardless of income.


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              I get that a lot of cafes serving Vittoria aren’t great - but I’ve had some crap P&R and Campos too.

              It’s a good article & the fact that he talks about proper cleaning of the machine, etc shows they actually care about the result.

              I’ve not tried fresh Vittoria beans, I assume they’re a fairly dark roast - but maybe the majority of their product is well past the roast date, poorly handled, etc

              It’s an Australian owned & run business, so credit to them for their success - and they’ve probably helped with the spread of ‘proper’ coffee across Australia... even if you’re not a fan of their beans


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                Love 'em or hate 'em, the Australian coffee industry would not be where it is today without these pioneer, family-owned and run businesses run by people prepared to risk everything to introduce locally roasted coffee to the Australian market and then grow it so rapidly. It's Aussie to "have a go" and boy, they sure did. They paved the road for so many of us who make a living out of coffee and for the millions who enjoy a cup- regardless of where the product and their expectations may be on the quality continuum.

                I have experienced some shocking coffee from the biggies and yet when I think in particular of Vittoria, I recall the surprise (shock!) of a fresh, expertly pulled espresso in a northern Tassie establishment a few years ago. I said yes to be polite and figured I'd have a sip and then forget to finish it. It was actually pretty damn good (I drained it) and I have since experienced plenty of far better coffee ruined either by the roaster or the barista as the third wave hit the shores.

                Thank you to the Dimattinas, the Cantarellas, Giancarlo Guisti, the Genovese family and so many others who created and continue to create Australian coffee history... The list is huge and it's brilliant that at least some of these companies remain in the hands of Australian families.


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                  Well said Caffeinator.

                  It is these early roasters that can take a huge chuck of the credit in helping kill Starbucks business here. If I had to choose between a Vittoria or a Starbucks, it would also be a Vittoria (assuming a decent barista behind the machine).


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                    The old dichotomy of mass popularity versus good taste....It is summed up nicely in something I came across many years ago:

                    McDonald's is infinitely more popular....but I'd rather eat at Maxim's.


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                      Vittoria coffee from the local was part of my coffee journey and I very much enjoyed it at the time.


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                        Good on them. They saw an opportunity and dominate it. Like anything mass produced there are trade offs.

                        They provide to the market a pretty good product and work in that frame

                        I don’t want to tell you how many beans I’ve purchased from speciality roasters/cafes that have been terrible.

                        Oh and in the business lounge I can confirm the coffee is usually pretty good. The lower qantas club is usually not soo good.


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                          Agree with some of the sentiments about Vittoria in terms of being a trailblazer. Specialty coffee wouldn't exist and the demand that drives it, without the larger players who have played a large part in building a bigger coffee culture and market in Australia and worldwide.

                          Interestingly in 2017 when I was on a student trip to China while studying business even Starbucks deserves some credit. It was the only accessible (I mean walking distance from hotels in Beijing and Shanghai) solace from the torpid brewed coffee at the hotels we stayed at in China. I know there is a burgeoning coffee scene in China but good cafes are pretty hard to find when you have limited time as a tourist. While I have never had Starbuck's in Australia both in Japan and China it was a godsend as the only thing which tasted anything like normal milk based coffee back home.


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                            Originally posted by Rocky View Post
                            The thing that surprised me most was the claim that it was being served in the Qantas 1st Class & Business lounges. Seriously?
                            I think this is actually true. However, fairplay to Qantas they at least give you the option of a coffee pulled by a Barista out of a proper espresso machine. Often with very acceptable latte art. There are lines for this every morning in the lounge. However the alternative is the push button 'coffee machines' in the lounge, which do deliver some absolute cr*p. When you are desperate at 6am I know which one I choose.


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                              Originally posted by rusty888 View Post
                              Oh and in the business lounge I can confirm the coffee is usually pretty good. The lower qantas club is usually not soo good.
                              I am quite curious as to how one comes to such a conclusion?
                              Upper and lower class qantas clubs?

                              There are differences between a standard lounge, business lounge and the Chairman's lounge in the qantas club world. Notably the difference is the decor, limited access, type of food and "quality" of alcohol.
                              I doubt they would carry 2 different blends of coffee, though it may be part of the Vittoria marketing spiel. Some lounges are very busy and churn through a heap of coffee, so stock rotation should be good. There are many operators behind the machine, and that is where the biggest difference will be, when it comes to a quality beverage. Qantas have some very well trained staff in their lounges, so as long as the beans are fresh, the chances of a reasonable cup are pretty good.

                              I have had good and bad coffees in the lounge, and tend to find the not so busy lounges tend to serve the "poorer" beverage.