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The value and enjoyment of experimenting

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  • The value and enjoyment of experimenting

    I like to have a variety of drinks, espresso, latte, cappuccino, double ristretto, single shots, double shots etc etc but the problem when changing from espresso to double ristretto is I have to change the grind but thanks to some crazy experimenting I've found an answer that works for me. When I dial in for a double shot I do it by brew ratio, that is, 21gms in and 42 gms out in about 30 seconds and then adjust to taste. I've found that using 14 to 15 gms in a single VST basket using the exact same grind setting I get sort of a double ristretto with about 18gms out in about 30 seconds and while its on the low dosage side for a "normal" double ristretto, it tastes just as good. Yes you can get 15 gms in a VST single basket rated at 7 gms and still pass the coin/rice test. Putting 15gms in a standard VST 15gm basket doesn't work. I guess the shape of the single basket makes this happen. So after dialing in for a double shot I've got all drinks covered. I guess the scientific side of me loves experimenting and there is no better way to experiment than with all the variables to do with coffee making.

    So fellow snobs ..... don't get set in your ways. Do some experimenting. You might come up with a drink you really like
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