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Im New....Got a few Qs re Coffee in Japan

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  • Im New....Got a few Qs re Coffee in Japan

    Hey Guys and Gals...

    Been making coffee now for about 2 ish years, love it. Im really keen to get over to Japan(used to live there during school) and work with coffee, there is a huge boom happening over there at the moment with people really starting to turn towards more traditionad espresso coffee, and i want to get on the wave. Only Problem is im finding it really difficult to find any decent Cafes to talk to. ( I do have my own killer business ide for over there that will come later) I came asross one on the work computer called something like Macchetti or something like that. They are using Syneso machines (awsome) and from memory getting the Coffee from Europe i think from a place callee something like Gruppe Blue...(went to the snow a few days ago got concussion bad memory at the moment) So if anyone can help me out im really keen to get over there and have some fun.

    Anyone know any top coffee houses, Cafes etc i can e mail....

    Regards Cameron