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  • Silvia basket dosing

    Hi snobs,

    Hoping for some advice on dosing. I'm using the stock Rancilio #102 basket on a v5 Silvia. I've replaced the protruding shower screen bolt so that it sits flush and doesn't indent the coffee bed.

    I typically dose 16.5g, but after tamping I'm usually a few mm under the ridge. Should I be aiming to be right on the ridge after tamping?

    I pour 40g and I'm getting good times of 25ish seconds, but often with inconsistent flow, like starting slow and then up-and-down gushing (ie not all that fast, but not a consistent stream).

    Any advice *other than* replacing the baskets? I'd rather get a more consistent shot with these baskets and then upgrade, rather than looking to a new basket to fix a problem.


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    Hi Matt
    Can I assume the Sivia is unmodified, ie doesn't have a PID or pre-infusion?
    A couple of observations.
    I believe the #102 basket is a 14 gram basket? If that is correct a 40 second pour is quite long. Without preinfusion you are extracting from the puck for 40 seconds.
    You may be over-dosing?
    Without pre-infusion from a 14g basket something like 25 -30 seconds would fully extract the coffee, any further and you are risking over-extraction.
    Does the last 10 seconds or so seem quite watery?
    At what point in the pour does it change colour to a paler caramel/toffee colour (ie blonding)?
    Have you experimented with different grinds (coarser/finer)

    FWIW I had a Silvia for 5 years or so and the first (and only) mod I made was to upgrade to a quality ridgeless 18g basket.

    My standard recipe was 18g in for 30g out in 27 - 30 seconds.
    This may not work for you but it might be a starting point?


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      Hi Flash,

      Yes my Silvia is unmodified aside from the shower screen nut and replacing the group head seal with a firmer silicon one.

      I dose 16.5g and pour 40g out but my pour time is around 25s. It does turn pretty watery toward the end, next time I pour a shot I'll try to spot when that change happens


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        Also sounds like inconsistent tamping?