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  • Coffee flowers at home

    It’s that time of year again when my much babies coffee trees are loaded with flowers and hopefully my next favourite coffee experience after very laborious preparation . It’s a long hard job to get your coffee from this stage to golden bliss in your morning brew which I still find it hard to comprehend these villages of people that produce so much more green bean than I achieve , it’s remarkable really and if you have never processed coffee from cherry do yourself a favour and try it , you will be sure to have s much much greater appreciation for coffee then you already do right now .

    My 25 trees at home are all loaded with flowers at the moment and will probably burst to life this week , and my honey bees are waiting patiently just a few meters away . Nothing better then watching and listening to my hive buzzing through the coffee trees all in my little backyard . Will update photos as they progress.
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    We had a coffee tree in the garden where I grew up. One year (would have been roughly early seventies) I picked all the beans and tried to follow the limited instructions I managed to gather in those pre-internet pre-computer days. I had learned in school that fermentation was one of the ways of processing them, so I let 'em sit in a dark place in water for a week. Then I washed all the berry away and found I had to cut the parchment off with a knife which took half a day for about a cupful of beans. Then I got as far as making them smell like what you get from your Behmor in the first 3 minutes, by putting them in the oven on a tray. It was nowhere near hot enough and that's where the experiment ended, but I took two things from the experience:
    1. It's more work than you think to get a kilo of roasted coffee beans and
    2. The smell of green coffee beans stayed with me until I opened my first bag of green from Coffeesnobs less than two years ago, catapulting me back nearly 50 years in an instant.


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      Originally posted by NJD View Post
      My 25 trees at home are all loaded with flowers at the moment and will probably burst to life this week
      I find when all the trees flower simultaneously, first thing in the morning the whole garden has an extremely strong jasmine smell. Doesn't last long but very powerful and distinct. No doubt attracting the bees etc.



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        Agree GrahamK . Last week som eof the flowers bloomed and the smell was amazing. They have now again opened up most of the flowers today of which i will add some pics tomorrow. They look awesome against the green tress but they smell even better. I thought I read somewhere that they only have 24hrs to be pollinated or they wont set fruit?? Not sure if anyone knows but they only stay open for 2 days max then they are done. 2 Days is open is always a battle for me to plan to be around the house at those times to not miss the event haha.


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          I got that wonderful scent in full today as I said they bloomed in full . Even managed to catch a few loyals workers on the job .Click image for larger version

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