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Smart Plugs to fit a double socket and leave room for the grinder

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  • Smart Plugs to fit a double socket and leave room for the grinder

    Looking for recommendation of a Smart plug that fits a double socket to use with HX machine to warm up in the morning that leaves the other free to plug in the grinder.

    Searching google but unable to really confirm if they leave room for the 2nd plug. After some real world experience please. Thanks.

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    What about a short extension cord into which you can plug your smart plug or cheap timer or whatever you like.


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      Now why did I not think of that!
      Thank you


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        Or if you can't get one short enough...a power board.


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          you could change your gpo to a wider style


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            What about a double adapter on the smart timer? The machine is likely to be on (using the smart timer) when you are going to be using the grinder anyway.


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              I use one of these style power boards - extra spacing for transformer packs. Works well for the smart switch.
              Click image for larger version

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                Bunnings have a slimline manual timer that I can confirm leaves room for the other plug.

                They also have a smart plug that (just) leaves room, brand is BrilliantSmart or something like that.

                Typically if you ask a staff member, they might just walk over to the power point section, rip one open for you, and try all the plugs out for you (!)


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                  Bunnings (and others) sell a smart plug called the "Brilliant smart plug" ($20 but can be had for less on special). I can fit it on my double power outlet as well as a standard plug or standard double adapter.

                  Edit - same plug mentioned above by nickR. Mine is ~53mm wide at the plug, if that helps.