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Flow control gadget for E61 machines

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  • Flow control gadget for E61 machines

    Looks interesting but is this another useless gadget or does it have merit?

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    Been around for a little while ECM/Profitec & WLL got together and developed one.

    Discussed here:


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      Now in stock. We fitted one to our Pro 700 (pretty straight forward to do) and it works a treat.



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        Has anyone bought one of these and retro fitted it? I am a certified coffee geek and gadget maniac and I love the concept of these but I'd love to hear from someone who has actually installed it and can comment on the installation process and the corresponding functionality. I have watched all the videos, particularly from WLL, and the ability to preinfuse for as long as you like and slow down the process at the end is really appealing or to able to change the flavour profile like on more expensive pressure profiling machine. So it may not be useful for someone who just wants a coffee made as simply as possible but for many of my fellow coffeesnobs, geeks and dorks who love to experiment, this might be very useful despite the cost.


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          OK I took the plunge. Installation on my Rocket Giotto was fairly straightforward although I didn't know you had to unscrew the lower part of the group and replace a spring which was provided in the kit. After watching an installation video by WLL they just replaced the mushroom and installed the pressure gauge, I guess they were installing the profitec kit which might be different to the ECM kit. Anyway it took about 10 minutes and after warming up the machine I checked the flow rate. Fully closed I expected no flow but got about 1gm(ml)/sec, 1/4 turn 1.5 gm/s, 1/2 turn 3.85 gm/sec and fully open which was 1+3/4 turns I got about 8gm/sec which was about the flow before the kit was installed.
          So the big test pulling a shot and checking weather the pressure gauge worked. I started with the device fully closed which gave a long 10 second preinfusion at about 3 bar, ramped it up to about 6 bar then slowed it down until I reached my 1:2 ratio of 21gms in and 42 gms out. There was a definite improvement in mouth feel, after taste and sweetness using the exact same bean at the same grind setting I used before installation. So yes it works and it has opened up a whole new world of experimenting which I love doing. Its expensive and not for everyone but it does provide a way of changing the flavor profile.
          Click image for larger version

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            Very cool!

            Did you grind much finer to hit the same ratio or run the shot longer?


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              I ran the shot longer but I will grind finer tomorrow. I've read that you should grind finer using this device but I'll let my taste buds decide that but that first shot with it was really nice and there was a noticeable difference in sweetness using a slower flow than normal.


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                Just a follow up, this morning I kept the grind the same and did a very long preinfusion at a very low flow rate. Nothing came out until 20 seconds, then ramp up to normal stock flow (7mls/sec) until I had about 25gms of liquid then a slow ramp down until I had 45gms of liquid with an original dose of 21gms for a total time of about 50 seconds, so 30 seconds was the actual flow time. The taste was lovely, very sweet. The sweetest I've got from a lightly roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe on a Behmor. I'm loving this thing so far and don't regret the splurge expense.The possibilities here are literally endless. There are many posted profiles out there with one that even emulates a lever machine. I'll try that one another day.

                EDIT .... I was wondering why I wasn't able to completely stop the flow using the device but after watching another WLL video I found out it was the shaft contacting the top of the mushroom. Placing a business card between the shaft and the mushroom and closing the device did the trick.
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