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Coffee machine servicing recommendations in Melbourne? (bonus if I can watch?)

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  • Coffee machine servicing recommendations in Melbourne? (bonus if I can watch?)

    Hey all,

    Just got a 2nd hand VBM Domobar Junior and it is looking like I may need to fix the OPV (see my other thread in this forum about my brewing pressure potentially being too high)

    Any recommendations for places to service in Melbourne? (I'm in eastern suburbs but I'm more interested going to a good value, friendly & quality service place)

    • I think I just want a general checkup, descale, and fix things like OPV, the green power light doesn't work.....and anything else that doesn't look right.
    • I know Rick from The Coffee Machinist has been recommended....I tried his mobile today and it didn't work so I'm not sure if he's still operational
    • There were also some posts about 9 Bar but that was maybe 5+ years ago so not sure if that's still a good rec?
    • Coffee A Roma is close by - any one used them before?

    As a bonus, since I'm a newbie, I'd also be very interested in sitting in to see/watch (if that's possible at all....) but that would be a cool bonus!

    Also any idea on rough price range I'd be looking at?


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    Snofee, give Neri Lotti a call at Eastlink Espresso repairs in Wantirna.

    PM me I'll give you phone numbers.


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      Thanks! Will PM you!


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        Have used Coffee A Roma before and they do a good service job. Actually planning to send my Junior there too in Jan. Their prices are on their website.


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          Is anyone can recommend a Trustworthy Coffee Machine Repairer in Melbourne who is reasonably priced ? Cheers.


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            Goes something like this I reckon. That said, I have only ever seen dodgy jobs when it had to be cheap.Click image for larger version

Name:	Good-Cheap-Fast-Mr-Cup-Poster.jpeg
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              I am sure if you checkout the site sponsors who are Melbourne based you will find what you are looking for.Maurice


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                My thoughts exactly Caffeinator.

                You can have good or you can have cheap, the two seldom go together.😉


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                  Sponsors are not always equal to a trustworthy (that don’t replace what’s not needed) - hence looking for recommendations, not necessarily the cheapest but reasonably priced. I’ve read reviews on some of the repairers that charge for parts and or maintenance and don’t do either.


                  • Andy
                    Andy commented
                    Editing a comment
                    CoffeeSnobs Site Sponsors ARE trustworthy else they wouldn't be allowed to be here.

                    I suspect the review sites are talking about non sponsors.

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                  I always like this workshop sign too Click image for larger version

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                    Just got ours repaired by sponsor - Coffee-A-Roma.. Very happy with them.