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Tasting notes and sensitivities

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  • Tasting notes and sensitivities

    It's a long story....

    Fly home for Christmas break, close enough that the local roasters are already finished for the year, and I am low on beans...
    Down at Coles or Woolies, I dig through the beans and find some Grinders Crema med roast beans with a use by of 9/21. I figure these are roasted at about 9/19, so might be still not bad.

    So, the gf is visiting after new years, the grinder is tuned in, the Musica is on song...
    Her daughter gets the mocha, gf gets the 'freakishly hot' long black and I get double espresso (that I mess up slightly and it ends up a bit short and I top it up with daughters left over mocha so not to waste it)
    Anyway... Gf says it's very good cuppa- very chocolate, and maybe almonds. I boggle a bit and test hers. Mm nice, silky and well balanced, but not any of the flavours she has. Grr. I consult the tasting notes, and she has picked them like a nose.
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    Gf is so much better than me at this, and she says she isn't that particular about her coffee (she does use a French press at home for the lb, with preground beans).

    Have any of us seen the Netflix doco- empire of scents. Incredible is the gift some people have!

    Enjoy your cuppas

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    > I consult the tasting notes, and she has picked them like a nose.

    Maybe she hasn't got a better nose but just a bit smarter :-) She read the tasting notes before you did, but didn't tell you :-)



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      I liked the moment of delusion much better than the realist world you have brought me back to.


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        I bought a bottle of tequila for new years to enjoy in moderation with the gf.
        She said it was very nice, her favorite tequila ever!
        Certainly has good taste.. it is exquisite tequila
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        Oh, we had the reposado, not the anejo