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New wood pf handle for me

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  • New wood pf handle for me

    At gf place was a big old gum tree that died, we got it chopped down and converted to firewood for the winter. It's been down for couple of years now, and it is so damn hard to chop! Omg- tough! I even touched her axe up with the grinder so it wouldn't just bounce out of the wood...
    Anyway, thought it would make a pretty nice pf handle, so got a dry old branch, dropped past a friends with a lathe, and had at it..

    I think it might be wandoo. Came up ok considering last lathe job was when I was 15yo.
    Click image for larger version

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    Can't see it in that pic, but Bunnings sell 12mm stainless cuphead bolts. It's a direct fit into the filter holder. So just trim the bolt to length and polish the cuphead.. perfect!