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    I just joined this forum, after looking up some info on our Nanopresso machine. I found a thread, started in 2014 with the last post in 2017.
    Seemed to be some misinformation about this wonderful little machine.
    So I will give my opinion.
    We bought one about 2 years ago, after seeing it at our local coffee roasters shop.
    Took a bit of getting used to at the time, grinding our beans and thinking it was inadequate for our use.
    I bought the double shot adapter, and worked out that the grind had to be just right for easy pumping.
    We have about 4 coffees a day now, so about 3,000 coffees made with the little gem, and it still functions like new.
    We use Vittoria Oro ground coffee, and the espresso is wonderful.
    WE have four little 18gm pods that are always full and ready to go.
    Afraid we are addicted!
    So don't knock the Wacaco Nanospresso if you haven't enjoyed it's results.
    There is a great youtube of a guy in Britain who goes bushwalking with his wonderful dog,
    and he boils his water in the forest, and makes his espresso with his Nanospresso.

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    Would it make more sense to post this in the thread you found?


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      Perhaps the brief for this job specified making a new post.


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        I'm afraid I'm new to this posting stuff. Thought the posts were old, and needed to start a fresh one. And by the way, here is the youtube that I entioned. Quite entertaining coffee buff.


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          thanks for the support.


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            Hi JandP, you are new to this posting stuff but you run a youtube channel called GadgetViper?

            What is most interesting is while I hear good things about the Nanopresso, yours is the first one extolling it's virtues with stale cofffee. Can you explain how that works.

            Ps are you sure you aren't here just plugging your youtube channel?


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              Originally posted by 338 View Post
              Hi JandP, you are new to this posting stuff but you run a youtube channel called GadgetViper?
              He didn't say this was his youtube channel. Just a coffee buff on youtube that goes camping with the nanopresso.

              jayandp - I'm interested to know if you have trialled fresh roasted coffee. There's lots of posts on CS about supermarket coffee vs fresh. You could be even happier with nanopresso shots if you experiment with something fresher than vittoria.