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Huge Crema Production

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  • Huge Crema Production

    I recently got a couple of different beans from the Brown BeanBay to try (Ethiopian Harrar Longberry, and Puerto Rico Yauco Selecto) and have been quite surprised at the amount of crema production from both these beans. My shots have been coming out like 3/4 crema, settling down to about 1/2 crema after a minute or so. I’ve never seen anything like this before! Ive also had to adjust my grind finer than usual as they were pouring a bit fast.

    I’m just curious as to why this is occurring, not that I’m complaining. I usually use blends from a couple of local roasters so I’m used to using fairly fresh beans (some times I was told they were just roasted that same day), but none have ever produced this much crema! Is this something unique to these beans, or is it some difference between SO and blends or some other factor?


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    Re: Huge Crema Production

    Bill, enjoy the phenomenon which comes from using FRESH beans.


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      Re: Huge Crema Production

      I was using a Yirgacheffe from Tobys and my pours were coming out as pure crema. It settled to maybe half after 45-60 seconds.

      I think because there is still a lot of gas in the beans?