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looking for a repairer in Hobart to assist with Breville BES920

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  • looking for a repairer in Hobart to assist with Breville BES920

    So it appears I have possibly cooked the steamer boiler in my bes920 when doing a descale thanks to Brevilles not so great descaling instructions

    The machine is nearly 4 years old so no warranty. I'm also not 100% what the root cause is. The main symptom is no steam from the steam wand and three beeps when I try the steam wand once the machine has reached temp. When I drain the steam boiler (afte the initial heatup cycle) the water is also coming out cold. Plenty of water comes out when I drain the steam boiler and I can hear the smaller pump run which fills the steamer boiler - while the water level in the tank drops. Best case I suspect it's the thermo fuse, worst case the element. Could also be something else and i'm time poor at the moment and it looks to be non-trivial so looking to find someone who know thier way around the brevilles in Hobart.

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    I use Cafetechnica. They're above Zimmah cafe/roastery at the top end of Murray St (down the laneway)

    The new owner is Bryn. He is a lovely bloke and very knowledgeable - I'm sure he will look after you. But if in doubt, give him a ring first to discuss. (PS: their contact email still shows Ben, the previous owner, so don't use that - you won't get an answer!)

    I've used three different repairers in Hobart and Cafetechnica are by far the best so far and the only one I would recommend. There is one place in particular in Nth Hobart I'd steer well clear of. Shoddy work, terrible customer treatment and eye-wateringly exorbitant pricing. PM me if you want the name.


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      Thanks for the suggestion, the machine is back up and running and just in time for home isolation!! I now have a BES920 with a resettable thermal fuse - which I hope I never need to use now I have understand the descale problems with these machines....


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        Good result. Where did you end up going to have the work done?

        I use a simple Brita water filter jug to refill my machine(s). When my (at the time ~10yo) Uniclo Splendor was pulled apart there was zero scale build up. Cheap insurance ;-)
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