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  • What to do next?

    Hi all

    In compulsory isolation so my mind is dealing with some of life’s questions. Number 973 involves the espresso machine. Having been through a range of mid range machines over the years the most long lived and to be honest practical device has been the current Breville 920.

    It is however on its way out. Pump is tired, solenoid in crackling, display has gone but fair to say it has been hammered over the last five years.

    The question is when it comes to replacement, I’m not sure if I can be bothered. It now really only services that first cup of the day need these days.

    Anybody had the same dilemma? Is there a pod machine that can be classed as ok? The V60 and Aeropress do get a workout but I always feel they are a permanent experiment in life. I’ve even considered going back in time to the old filter machine.



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    Pods are... no. Two things spring to mind. If you like the 920 but want to be less involved you could try it's semi-autometed sisters the 980 or 990.
    As fast as making V60 less of an experiment, the clever dripper is kind of a cross between the V60 and Aeropress. You decide when the first drop leaves the brewer.

    Also the Brazen is a very low fuss brewer with extremely repeatable results. If you're home all day it'd be the clear winner.


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      Forgot about the Brazen. I’ll have read.