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Making a unpressurised basket

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  • Making a unpressurised basket

    Some of you may have seen im playing around with some cheap gear. I pulled apart the portafilter to unpressurise it, and I now have a basket and a base (with the holes - see photo).

    What’s the best way to fix the base into the basket? My dad suggested glue but wanted to know if anyone has any other ideas. I’m getting crazy channeling now.

    Click image for larger version

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    I just did the exact thing on a cheap machine at work (Anko KMart job). I have actually split the rubber gasket that holds the basket in the base as when you tamp the sharp edges of the filter cut the rubber seal.

    What I thought was drill a hole in the pressurised bit/s dead centre to allow the water (or coffee water) to flow through easily. Then you can re-assamble the plastic bits and screw them back in.


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      This is the Anko one - I just pulled it apart. If you unscrew the bottom it unpressurises the basket. but the black seal has perished so it’s just sitting loose in the basket.


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        If you still have the single basket just grab the parts from it and drill a hole thru centre of top and bottom plastic parts and was assemble back into double basket. Or just grab the seal and drill the plastic bits from the double.


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          That won’t work as seal is perished. I do have another double pressurised basket - could I just drill a hole in the bottom outer layer?


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            Originally posted by Budgiesmuggler View Post
            I do have another double pressurised basket - could I just drill a hole in the bottom outer layer?
            If this basket is the same one as in the pic above, I'm not sure if you can - or can't, as I have never seen that type.

            If it is the more common Sunbeam or Brevile style basket, then, yes, that will work. But it's not easy. Stainless is hard to drill, and on the baskets I have seen, there is very little space between the two layers. By the time the drill has enlarged the hole in the bottom layer, the point is touching the perforated layer. It can be a rather delicate operation.
            Depending on the shape of the bottom, it might be better to grind it rather than drilling it. The best way would be to cut the bottom off with a lathe, but not everyone has acces to one of those.
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              Yes one of the plastic parts has a steel/aluminum part in centre which creates false pressure, the other has a fine screen to create fake crema. I would (and will do this with my machine at work) drill through both and then reassemble (you can either reassemble into the doube or single basket).


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                To be clear - what is the best way to attach the hole part to the basket?