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Recommendations for servicing Rancilio Silvia in Adelaide

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  • Recommendations for servicing Rancilio Silvia in Adelaide

    Hi all, I’m after recommendations for servicing of Rancilio Silvia in Adelaide.
    I know Complete Cafe Services can do it, but is there anyone else worth considering as well?
    ive replaced the boiler but can’t get the unit watertight no matter how hard I try so it’s time to call in the services of an expert.

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    Complete Cafe Services are the best I've found, thorough, reliable and honest.


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      Plus 1 for Complete Cafe Services


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        Another happy customer from Complete Cafe Services. I initially had my machine serviced/repaired by another outfit, who are more set up for commercial gear rather than domestic. They did an okay job with my machine, however it was clear that it wasn't really worth their while to fiddle around with domestic gear. Complete Cafe Services are however - they even cannibalised some parts from a dead machine to replace on mine for free (drip tray, rubber foot).

        I think some places like Rio or Patio might do domestic repairs, however if you can make it to Unley it's probably your best bet for a no-fuss solution to your issue.