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Expensive grinders and diminishing returns...?

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  • Expensive grinders and diminishing returns...?

    Hi all,

    I enjoy making aeropress and french press coffees and I've been using a second-hand Baratza Encore grinder for a few years. I was hoping to hear some of your experiences on how your filter coffees might have changed with upgrades to better electronic or manual grinders?

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    G'day SuperTrooper

    FWIW, I have one set of optional steel burrs for my Mahlkoenig Vario gen2. Mahlkoenig states they are "better at coarser grinds" (considering the ceramic burrs are hopeless at anything coarser than espresso grinds, that doesn't mean that much...). However, those steel beasties produce the most even coarse grinds I have ever seen from any grinder (even my personal benchmark - the big Dittings). A pleasant (totally unexpected) surprise - that also translated into better flavour in my cuppa via either my "chem lab stirrer Frankenplunger" or my cold drip / steep efforts.

    Having three Varios means I can have one for my own use and use the other ones for decaf / coarse stuff / dark roasts for friends / whatever. These days I usually keep the ceramic burrs in all three Varios unless I feel the need for my Frankenplunger.

    So - really worth a play with some of the new grinders the Vario inspired (or go upmarket into some uber expensive thing).

    Enjoy your cuppa



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      I've generally found that the other variables involved in making French press, aero press and pour over such as steep time, water temperature, brew time etc have a far greater influence in quality of the brewed coffee than super fine tuning the grind. Unless you're making espresso I'd honestly not worry about it too much.


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        I think gr3i nailed it.