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I have ruined a beautiful poem

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  • I have ruined a beautiful poem


    "It is difficult to eat well outside the capital cities." -- Food writer Cherry Ripe on ABC Radio, 1/10/97

    With apologies to Peter Kocan for my destroying one of his greatest and my favourite poems, but Sharkboys post and Andys reply made me do it.

       Its a heartrending thing to see
       A coffee lover whos been caught thirsty
       And who knows he will never make it back
       To his Silvia by dinner time.
       Theres the look of mute despair in the eye,
       The slack lips and distended belly,
       The hand clutching the half-empty Starbucks cup,
       The weak voice crying out for Guatemalan.
       We found a whole car-load of them once,
       Their BMW stalled by the roadside.
       We somehow got them back to the homestead
       And offered some International Roast for pitys sake.
       There was nothing appropriate in the house,
       Just Mums Sunday roast with the trimmings,
       Followed by the apple-pie and cream.
       Of course they couldnt swallow muck like that.
       We had to watch them wasting away.
       We buried the pitiful bodies by the creek.
       You blame yourself, thinking they mightve lived
       If only youd had a Giotto standing by.
       Now we brood continually upon
       Hardships that we have never known,
       The endless compassion that we owe
       To palates more exquisite than our own.

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    Re: I have ruined a beautiful poem

    Im sure that Peter would appreciate the passion. ;D