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Help needed with pour time

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  • Help needed with pour time


    I got a free grinder when I purchased my espresso machine.  Up until now it has been OK, however I have it on the finest possible setting & tamp like crazy, but my pours are around 16 to 20 seconds :-[

    Any advice on how to get a longer pour would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Help needed with pour time


    You wont like my answer but....

    You need to get a new grinder.... a proper espresso one!

    The Breville grinder was really designed to grind for pressurised baskets.... a much coarser grind.....

    When grinding finer there is a lot more pressure on the burr assembly and it is also there for longer. What has almost certainly happened to your grinder - and happens to some of the Sunbeam 0480 grinders as well.... with all this pressure the burrs have pushed into the plastic carriers and you can no longer get enough adjustment.

    The EM0480 is just acceptable for espresso grinding (IMHO) and the Breville grinder is a lot lighter in construction.....

    The Ikon is a great value for money machine.... which can produce excellent espresso.... but their "free" grinder - like most things free - isnt up to the required standard and will let your machine down.

    Its not you or your technique - its the grinder!


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      Re: Help needed with pour time

      GDay JB

      I thought that might be the case...but was hoping otherwise :-[

      Thanks for your help!