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  • Machine required for work

    Hi All,
    I work in an Intensive Care Unit and am looking for a machine to make decent coffee for the staff. It needs to be simple and robust. Would the Presso be suitable? If not what would you suggest that will stand up to the rigours of abuse from busy staff?
    Thank you for your advice (moved from hardware for sale)
    Dr Dave

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    Re: Machine required for work

    IMHO a Presso would be too cumbersome, both in making 1 reasonably sized cup, as well as cleaning...
    but i do not have enough hard-ware knowledge to recommend you a machine, DrD...
    i think it would also depend on the coffee making skills of the staff... would they want to watch the extractionlike a hawk to be able to cut it before blonding, or would they want a volumetric?
    would they want to texture their own milk or have a super auto do the lot?
    what is your budget?
    but i am sure one of the sites sponsors will find you something !!



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      Re: Machine required for work

      Sorry Dave...

      I would consider something like a Diadema Elettronica and Compak K3T reasonable....Heck, Id even consider a Jura S9 reasonable (so long as I dont have to drink the product :P)...

      A Presso? I love my Presso- a gorgeous piece of design that can also produce a not bad esspresso like drink when Im travelling...But as a "machine" to produce an everyday coffee for a number of people? Nup....In the words of the famaous Aussie film, The Castle, "dreamin"...



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        Re: Machine required for work

        Many thanks -
        Staff wont be cutting shots, nor watching too closely I fear, just a decent coffee made relatively quickly!
        Sounds like no to a presso though
        I appreciate any/all your advice
        I will have a think about budget and then get back to you


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          Re: Machine required for work

          I dont think you can make a decent coffee quckly.

          And as for volumetric, unless the grind is adjusted regularly to match the programmed volume, the coffee output will be less than optimum.


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            Re: Machine required for work

            TRo be honest Dave - and being a nurse. I used to take my plunger cup with freshly ground coffee (I know, I know) to work with me.

            Not as good as a machine but it was quick and it was still better than any of the poisonous crap they have at the hospital.


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              Re: Machine required for work

              In the eve of the election, I vote 1 for the Plunger Party! I use a plunger at work, too, as it is the easiest and quickest drinkable coffee.

              Maybe to improve quality with a plunger, you might consider adding a grinder at work, so staff can freshly grind beans for the plunger and improve freshness and taste?


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                Re: Machine required for work

                I guess it depends on your budget too Dr Dave.

                If you can spend a few dollars then a good super auto is great in the office. Sure it might not make championship coffee but with some tweaking and good fresh coffee it can make a pretty good espresso.

                At home where I have more time to fiddle and tweak, have control of the enviroment and the potential mess I prefer a "real" espresso machine.

                At work, I use a super-auto every day Im happy with the coffee it produces (after some tweaking of the grind and volume).

                If your budget is the "other-end" then a good grindeMacap M4 r and plunger might be the easiest and cleanest option. Something like the doserless Macap MC4 (available from site sponsors) would be great for grinding straight into the plunger.