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Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

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  • Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

    Hello everyone, and its awesome to be here!

    I love my coffee, and love it being properly made by a skilled barista with some delicious coffee. Having said that, I also love doing the home stovetop espresso. Both my partner and I are so picky with coffee that weve thrown out numerous coffees from cafes etc. after one sip.

    Now, Ive just rediscovered an old stainless steel vev-vigano 6 cup (I think!) after destroying my partners little two cuppa aluminium bialetti in the dishwasher.

    One thing that I cant get enough of is crema. Theres nothing more beautiful than watching it foam out of a big old espresso machine and floating in the machiato glasses.

    Id love to be able to make something like that at home, and after spending hours and hours on the net Ive read quite a few things about the Bialetti Brikka - that it does a very good job making a nice crema. From what I understand it does this via a special pressure valve.

    Id never heard of these before, and wouldnt even know where to look for one. Id imagine some online places would have it, but Id rather not deal with eBay or any other online-shop.

    I do remember the old italian-owned stores that had everything *and* the kitchen sink there, and you could usually find bargains that were half the price in retail outlets. Id love to find a store here in Melbourne like that again!

    If anyone has used the Brikka, and even better knows where to get one at a reasonable price Id really really appreciate it.

    Thanks to all.

    ~ sasquatch

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    Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

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      Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

      Hi there Sasquatch,


      With good beans and the right grind it is possible to get a variety of crema from most stovetop moka pot machines. Ive posted on this before, here (with pics):

      http://<span style="color:#ff9900">h...5047754</span>

      and here:

      It wont be as thick and viscous as the crema thats possible from an espresso machine, but its satisfying nevertheless and allows for basic latte art. I have produced this sort of crema consistently with cheap Bialetti pots (ie not the Brikka), and other cheap no-name brands. The trick is finding one with a nice big basket, relative to the given water chamber size.

      Hope this helps.



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        Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

        Thanks heaps for that Rob.

        Ill give that a whorl. Ive got this gargantuan vev-vigano stainless steel number, and it does take a bit longer to get hot compared to the aluminium ones.

        There was some sort of thimble thing that I got from a market with the stall-lady boasting about how it fits over the top of the central pipe (where the coffee oozes out) and tried that yesterday.

        Lets just put it this way, the thimble thing is in the bin now...

        Ill let you know how it goes.

        ~ sasquatch


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          Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

          If its the 6-cup, that should be controllable

          It should work much faster (and will taste much better) if you fill the water chamber with boiling water.

          Let us know how you go.



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            Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka


            Well, I tried the boiling water, and even heated up the bottom chamber in hot water beforehand. But, alas... no crema...

            Ill keep on trying, even if it means Ive got so much caffeine in my system that Im shaking like a leaf!


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              Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

              Dont despair. It could just be stale beans. Aside from the crema issue, did the coffee taste good?


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                Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

                well, i have had the ground coffee in the fridge.... now in a plastic container with a screw-on lid, but before that it was just in its original paper bag after being freshly ground by a nice italian coffee seller. Ive had it for over 2 months and all that time in the fridge, so I wouldnt be surprised if most of the lovely flavour has evaporated. It does taste quite flatter than what it did when I first got it.


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                  Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

                  I cant imagine that youd have much chance to get crema out of two month old pre ground.


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                    Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka


                    You may not burn through the volume of coffee (yet ) that a lot of us who hang around here do - I get through 300-400 grams a week - so it may be hard for you to justify buying a fresh batch of coffee every few days or each week, but its very hard to keep pre-ground coffee performing well after even just one day, let alone weeks. I reckon that most locally roasted blends peak in quality around 7-10 days after roasting. After 2 weeks, they are heading downhill quite fast, and thats when the coffees being ground on demand.

                    Im sure a number of the site sponsors here sell something like the Sunbeam grinder (under $200). In combination with, say, a weekly supply of freshly roasted whole-bean from a roaster who knows what theyre doing, you really will experience the best you can get from the Atomic, or any other stove-top coffee maker.

                    If youd rather not buy a grinder, my advice would be to increase your coffee intake to the point youre getting through 250g every three days, and buy fresh coffee twice a week

                    Many before you have traveled this path. Take heart.

                    (and start saving. Muahahahaha.....!)



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                      Re: Hello to Group and Question re Bialetti Brikka

                      To reiterate the push towards freshly ground coffee let me tell about Will.
                      Its his birthday today and his lovely wife, who is a work team member, bought him a new Rocky grinder.
                      They have moved to Melbourne, which proved handy, as I referred her to Chris from Talk Coffee (site sponsor).
                      Last week when she was up here working for a few days, I roasted a batch of coffee as my present to Will.

                      He got to use his new Rocky for the first time this morning and ground up the beans I sent him.

                      He sent me a text message to my phone as well as an email later; in both messages he was praising how good the coffee was.

                      "Outstanding aroma, brilliant body and wonderful finish".

                      "The day got off to a great start with your beans in my new grinder.
                      The coffee is sensational."

                      Now hes saving up for a machine as budget only allowed for a plunger.

                      But now hes making himself better coffee than hes ever bought.

                      Thats the difference a good grinder and fresh coffee makes.