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6 week old beans

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  • 6 week old beans

    It seems that while the EM6900 was in for repair over the last two weeks, some of my work colleagues who I roast for, have not been using their last batch as fast as usual.
    I did offer them my plunger.

    Anyway, one of them had enough left for a couple of double shots, so I brought them home to try.
    There was hardly any signs of oiliness; the roast had only been taken 20 seconds into SC.
    The first one I made this morning had a very mild taste, a hint of caramel but a bit thin in the body.

    The second one didnt quite taste nice and ended up as a sink shot.

    Surprisingly there was still some crema, though no where near as much as when fresher.

    Kimel by the way.

    Oh and the grind was a bit fine so this was more a ristretto.

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    Re: 6 week old beans

    Loos OK TG, but was the body somewhat thin? I find that one of the more unpleasant effects of staleness.


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      Re: 6 week old beans

      Also, Kimel isnt high on the body stakes anyway...