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  • QLD Cafe help

    Im travelling next week.

    Townsville for 3 days, and Brisbane for the same.

    Does anyone have the good oil on great cafes in these places? Ill be staying in Brighton in Brisbane, and Townsvilles so small it doesnt matter!

    Id appreciate any suggestions you may have (other than "the coffee club" or GJs)

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    Re: QLD Cafe help

    Hi Lovebite,

    Townsville may be small but its very spread-out and sprawling. Better include your joggers if you want to visit more than one cafe.



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      Re: QLD Cafe help

      I only know most of the cafes in the city (brisbane) and youre staying quite a way out of the city!!

      If you do have time to drive in to the city, try and go to Fortitude Valley where there is the Merlo roastery and espresso bar, then walk across the road and go to the James St markets where there is Spoon deli etc.
      Then you can keep going on to The Emporium (Ann St) and drop into the Grinders espresso bar (Ann St) along the way.

      You can pretty much park somewhere c.James St and walk to these places.

      Its also worth going to West End and going to Urban Grind and Espresso Garage.

      Or youre more than welcome to drop me an email and if Im not working when youre here I can take you on an espresso tour of Brisbane.



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        Re: QLD Cafe help

        Thanks for that.

        Im going to be in Brisbane this afternoon until tuesday morning.

        My plan is to get some work done at the Airport on monday morning, and then proceed to the city.... to follow your advice.

        That being said, if I visit all of those places Ill end up having an accident driving back to Brighton!

        Finding good anything can be hard when you are away from home. I cant wait to see the end of those bloody massive heartless machines in Qantas club..... and get back to my lovingly home roasted beans.

        Mc Cafe anyone?


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          Re: QLD Cafe help

          And in the interest of reporting back,

          Townsville is sprawling, but the coffee community is a little closer together. That being said, I wasnt that adventurous, so didnt go to too many cafes.....

          the C Bar on the strand had a lovely view of the water, and good opportunities to people watch. I stopped there twice. The first coffee was not bad. it had a nice flavour and was well produced (I had a Machiatto both times).... the second was not nearly as good.

          My guess is they had a less talented technician driving the machine the second time.

          The view is worth rolling the dice though.....