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Any fellow cup collectors out there?

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  • Any fellow cup collectors out there?

    I was just looking through a previous post about peoples fav cups and thought I would start a stream about cup collecting.

    I collect demitasse and I have rules! They must have coffee/coffee related branding, one only of each cup (same brand different cup is ok) and they must cost under $5 per cup (Im told I spend enough on coffee stuff as it is! Fancy that!).

    So far Im up to around 85 pieces, with particular attention being paid to a limited/numbered "collezione" by IPA of Italy and Caffe Vittoria from the mid 90s with artwork by specially commisioned artists (non of which Ive heard of!). Ive got about 30 of those. They are similiar to the series being done by that over-rated Italian coffee company.

    Would love to hear from fellow collectors re. thier collections, habits etc.

    Cheers, Anthony