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Baskets missing holes

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  • Baskets missing holes

    I just noticed that most of my baskets have at least one hole missing. (ie. they look pressed but dont go all the way through)

    I dont think it effects the shot too much, but it looks strange with the naked PF...

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    Re: Baskets missing holes

    Yep not entirely unusual itsy. Weve even had some Synesso baskets with this problem, and certainly we noticed it a bit on the La Marzocco baskets when we had those. Youre right in that provided there arent too many it doesnt noticeably affect the shot. A Synesso has about 500 holes in the basket (no I didnt count them all! :), so if you have a dozen that are blocked youve lost 1.6% of em, which isnt going to affect things much. I reckon if you lost upwards of 15% it might start to behave in a slightly pressurised manner, but the figures were talking theres nothing in it.