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Best threads of 2007?

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  • Best threads of 2007?

    I have really enjoyed reading this thread:

    which debated the merits of HX versus dual boiler machines.

    I thought it really demonstrated everything about CS that is great. It was
    - esoteric
    - tense (as in involving good natured competition of opinion)
    - informative
    - educational
    - thought provoking.

    Anyway, any other nominations for great threads of 2007 (pls include brief description of topic) - Id love to read them?

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    Re: Best threads of 2007?

    What a great idea! I think that this thread warrants a mention.

    The one that springs to mind for me is Fine grind/course grind blend...How To? In that thread, Reuben asked how to go about blending two SOs that required very different grind sizes to get an optimal extraction alone. His question was whether or not one component would be underextracted whilst the other was over-extracted. What impressed me about it was that rather than going off some random theory or extrapolation from something that someone somewhere some time had written, Reuben simply went and performed the experiment himself, trusting his taste buds enough to put his conclusions up for everyone to see. The thread didnt generate much chatter, but I think that it was actually one of the more insightful threads this year.

    The other thread that springs to mind was - quite irritatingly - simple titled "La Marzocco". Of the galaxy of things that this could have referred to, this thread details the story of a rather rare La Marzocco GS with brew timers that showed up on ebay. Retroman bought it and posted some photos of the amazingly terrible condition that it was in. He didnt let up, though, and ended up restoring what was essentially a pile of rust to what looks like better than new condition.

    Reubster, Retroman - at some stage, coffee is on me.




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      Re: Best threads of 2007?

      I think this is a wonderful idea for a thread!

      I am going to take some time over the next few days and do some fine tuning. The ones that immediately come to mind are, in no particular order:

      Lizzis on the road,
      a number of Denniss; NP thread, Deidrich, chocolate making,
      some of the home roaster manufacturing threads,
      and some of the argumentative threads.

      I was going to give reasons for my choices but too much like a lecture so will wait until I sort out my winner and then I will give supporting argument.


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        Re: Best threads of 2007?

        The other big winner for me is the willingness of people to give of their time and expertise for the benefit of others.

        Really appreciated and so from that perspective, every thread is the best, because even if there is only one post or reply, someone is interested and that is what this is about.


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          Re: Best threads of 2007?

          Agreed Geoff - its all good.

          But like my shots, some just do the business! Like that La Marzocco I suspect!

          Others I can leave (although to be sure, sink shots are extremely rare).

          While Im here, another thread that I reckon is just the bees knees is Ray Cs marvellous ingenuity fixing the EMO480s problems for good - at


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            Re: Best threads of 2007?

            Well, after much contemplation over a number of fine reds and even finer coffees, I reckon the best thread for 2007 is the Fair Crack thread.

            The concept is great, the degree of support fantastic and the fact that we can give something while enjoying our passion makes for a extremely worthwhile outcome.

            Well done, Andy.