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Flu clobbered taste buds

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  • Flu clobbered taste buds

    I had the misfortune of contracting the flu last week. It was one of the worst Ive had and it had the unfortunate effect of subverting my taste buds. It wasnt that I couldnt taste the coffee anymore, but that the smell and taste were actually distorted so much that it actually smelled and tasted BAD. I mean really bad! So much so that I couldnt go near it. This is the first time that the smell of freshly ground coffee has had such an effect on me. Most people, including myself, love the smell of ground coffee. Even if they arent coffee drinkers.

    Only now, a week later, are my taste buds starting to return to normal (long after the disease has been defeated and given its marching orders). At last, after nearly a week, I can start exploring the world of coffee once more.:-* It was looking pretty bleak there for a while... :-/

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    Re: Flu clobbered taste buds

    Just one word, YUCK!

    Java "Welcome Back!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!