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Darby Street Coffee Festival June 5th

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  • Darby Street Coffee Festival June 5th

    Just a quick note for my fellow Novocastrians. As the subject line suggests, the Darby Street Coffee Festival is on again Sunday the 5th of June between 10am and 4pm.

    I went last year and it wasnt too exciting. Whilst its no Celebrate the Bean or Aroma Festival, its better than nothing at all, and if it is a nice sunny day I cant think of a better way to spend the afternoon.

    It is the day after I get married and my soon to be wifes birthday, so I might not get to spend as much time there as Id like

    Without getting the rubber chickens out I cant think of a way for local CSs to recognise each other. Ill just listen for questions about naked PFs and roast profiles


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    Re: Darby Street Coffee Festival June 5th

    Sounds like a great place to start your honeymoon :

    I can lend you a rubber chicken too.


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      Re: Darby Street Coffee Festival June 5th


      Honeymoon and rubber chicken in the same post... should I be worried?


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        Darby Street Coffee Festival June 5th - photo

        Not quite sure why they call it a "coffee festival", really.  
        Beautiful day.  Lots of arty crafty stuff and cafes and shops selling their wares. The usual crystals and dodgy art work. :

        Very busy ( as the photo shows) and a fun day.  Anyone would have enjoyed it as long as they werent expecting a serious coffee focus.
        Looking forward to my first Beanfest in Sydney next year!!


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          Re: Darby Street Coffee Festival June 5th

          Looks like they pulled a good crowd!

          Did you bump into the the freshly married Sharkboy with blushing bride in tow?

          (.... or wasnt he allowed out to play)


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            Re: Darby Street Coffee Festival June 5th

            Yeah it could have been called the Darby Street Market Day or something similar...

            Barely a coffee focus really, unless you count that coffee flavoured milk stand. Dare espresso I think?

            Danes, Suspension, PeaBerrys, Belaroma, were the main coffee companies with a presence on the day.

            I was geeky enough to be wearing an t-shirt and be carrying not one but 2 tampers around with me

            I did catch up to a couple of coffee people but other than that it was a bust.

            Aroma Festival is coming up. It should be much better, but I think Ill leave the tampers at home for that one