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Coffee in Singapore?

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  • Coffee in Singapore?

    Visiting Singapore in March. Any suggestions for a good coffee shop - to drink, not to buy beans. When I last visited there the chains like Starbucks and Coffee Bean had proliferated.


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    Re: Coffee in Singapore?

    I used to live in Singapore,
    You should try the local coffee

    There is very nice coffee at:

    200 Turf Club Road
    Turf City

    or if you are in Orchard Road

    Deluxe Cafe
    Orchard Road
    Wisma Atria



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      Re: Coffee in Singapore?

      I have spent most of the past 12 months working up there and Indonesia. I was surprised to see that I could actually go without coffee. If i was really desperate for caffeine I would have a starbucks frappucino (iced drink). i think it was all the sugar that made it drinkable.

      coffee up there is terrible. if you like milky drinks they all use UHT milk so you have a weird taste to start with. Alot of places seem to use the big super autos that are never set up properly. you see the odd La Marzocco linea at a starbucks, but they seem incapable of using them.

      Indonesian coffee is even worst. we have a delonghi super auto at our office up there which is ok, but with UHT milk still tastes weird to me.