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Coffee tour in Brisbane CBD?

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  • Coffee tour in Brisbane CBD?

    My partner and myself are looking at taking the trip down to Brisbane CBD tomorrow to experience the taste and smells of what the city has to offer. Neither of us have ventured into Brisbane before other then swapping planes at the airport and with us both now residing in the Sunshine Coast we considered it a sin to not attend. Would some kindly soul take pity upon us and give us some ideas on what cafes to visit and what streets they are located on?

    Apologise if there is already a thread relating to this but I had a look back over the previous pages in General Coffee Related and couldnt find a relevant thread.


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    Re: Coffee tour in Brisbane CBD?

    Gday Bri...

    Give Naked a whirl (err, the cafe, not an absence of apparel! ;D). Theyre in Elizabeth Street Arcade (opp. the back of the Myer Centre).

    Campos (of Sydney fame) have just opened an outlet in the Valley - Im yet to try them, but apparently same in-house roasted beans as their other outlet. Theyre in Wandoo Street, near James Street.

    Have fun!


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      Re: Coffee tour in Brisbane CBD?

      i have a map here - 00000112375de1b4fcda2&ll=-27.469287,153.028393&spn=0.023684,0.031028&z=15&om =1

      i recommend alens and naked coffee in the cbd

      i hadnt heard about campos opening, ill have to check it out


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        Re: Coffee tour in Brisbane CBD?


        I would definitely recommend Dancing Bean on George Street which is just around the corner from Naked coffee. They also have a decent selection of Single Origins if you wanna take some home.

        Happy Sipping!



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          Re: Coffee tour in Brisbane CBD?

          Thanks for the tips guys Had a great day out and about and ended up visiting Allens Espresso, Naked Coffee, Dancing Bean and few undistinguished smaller outlets. Also ended up buying myself a lil present for a future venture... 3 Group ECM Veneziano :d

          Will do a write up tmrw, to tired now. Thanks again guys.


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            Re: Coffee tour in Brisbane CBD?

            thats a nice present


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              Re: Coffee tour in Brisbane CBD?

              A bit belated but....

              Did the visits as suggested and after walking in circles and going up and down several levels in the wrong building (discovered that as if the cancer wasnt bad enough already now GJs are even in Myers these days ) I finally found Naked Coffee and Dancing Bean.

              If you wernt looking for Dancing Bean it would be a easy one to miss or mistake it for the establishment next door. (the entrance only, not the coffee!!!) A step up in decor from the average coffee cart operatin in foyers with the wood panelling and design conveying warmth and creating a rustic little hide away amongst the hustle of George Street.

              The crew there were great and were willing to put through shots of their SOs through their deli grinder improvising with merit considering their dedicated SO grinder was AWOL. After several shots, adjustments of the grind and a short black sampled by the staff to make sure everything was ok I was treated to a shot with good acidity and chocolate overtones. The machine was a pimped up double boiler PID Expobar.

              After all the hype Ive heard about Naked Coffee I was expecting a main street frontage with an elaborate and very expensive fitout and as a result if it wasnt for the crew at Dancing Bean I would have likely missed it and not gone down the arcade.

              While the location hasnt got the prestige of a main street frontage and dually attached nasty burden of overpriced sq m2 the machinery and the crew worked wonders to produce a beautiful espresso (my first taste of Campos) and a surprisingly sweet tasting yet strong latte with art on top.

              To note was the barista dedication to grinding on demand for each and every coffee even with the customers 5 deep waiting for their orders. While I mentioned the cafe fitout wasnt elaborate it was obvious the main cash had been spent on the equipment with a La Marzocca present.


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                Re: Coffee tour in Brisbane CBD?

                Hi , Cafe Modena, not always consistent with the other barista guys ther, but thats only because theres one barista thats excellant there. She knows exactly how to make a real good coffee. I have a Doppio & its always perfect. They make fresh hot muffins & danish every morning, smiles there are free! Aww , Irene AWWW.It truely is a great place.