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  • Coffee brand

    Im in the market to find best coffee. Looking at the Mocopan, cofex or lavazza?

    Anyone knows which one is better or which brand that usually people drink?

    So far what i found out, when I bought mocopan at BP, its bit stale. it might be the blend they used.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Coffee brand

    It isnt the brand that is important, it is how fresh it is.

    The product from a local roaster is the way to go, but for suggestions in this dirrection we need to know where you live.

    Or start roasing your own


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      Re: Coffee brand

      Hi Cemcem
      Welcome to coffee snobs.

      If you are after information on coffee then you have certainly come to the right place.
      If you are wanting to purchase fresh coffee then you cannot go past coffee shops and coffee suppliers rather than the pre packaged coffee that is say available at the supermarket.

      Buying fresh roasted beans and either grinding them yourselves or getting them ground is the way to go to ensure a better tasting coffee. Having said that you should also consider the amount you drink per week as you dont want to have beans sitting around for more than about two weeks or so and if you are getting pre ground coffee then that time should be less.

      Storage is also critical to keeping coffee fresh try to store in an airtight container out of sunlight and even better is the ability to remove as much all air from the container as you can so the one way valve zip locked bags can be a good idea for this.

      Do some searches on the forum and you will come up with knowledge overload from all the great people here.



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        Re: Coffee brand

        Hi cemcem and welcome to CoffeeSnobs....

        The mass market commercially packaged brands are all stale.... the generally have a "Use by date".... which is a year after roasting rather than a "roasted on" date.

        Bean life (whole beans) is 3 weeks.... and only 3 minutes when ground....

        Find yourself a local roaster (also several site sponsors sell freshly roasted beans - and will post them if required).... and buy fresh beans....

        Anyone knows which one is better or which brand that usually people drink?
        None are good.... and I doubt anyone here would drink any of them :-X


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          Re: Coffee brand

          Always buy something with a roasted on date rather than a best before date.

          I would suggest trying out all the site sponsors (who are roasters) listed on the left of the screen. First off may I suggest Pioneer Coffee.


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            Re: Coffee brand

            Thanks guys for directing me to the right direction.

            I live in Dandenong, VIC.

            Any recommendation of the coffee shops near there? Prefer roasted bean one




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              Re: Coffee brand

              Another suggestion would be CS Brown. Top left corner of the page. Roasted freshly by the coffeesnob himself, Andy Freeman.


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                Re: Coffee brand

                CS Brown is operated out of Vic and Veneziano are in Abbotsford. All others are interstate (though dont let that turn you off - probably 80% of the roasted coffee I buy is from interstate, and so long as its whole beans it lasts long enough).



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                  Re: Coffee brand

                  I agree Nunu, CS BROWN is an excellent product,

                  (and yes we use a an Andy Freeman CS brown roast) he won two silvers and a GOLD in his

                  first crack (pun intended) at the golden bean awards against many larger and far more

                  established roasters.

                  I say GO FOR GOLD or CS BROWN as a different shade !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Hoping that this post does not look too much like a selfserving, non sponsored advertisement.


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                    Re: Coffee brand

                    No probs at all with that coastal. If youve tried a product and are very happy with it, why not give it an unequivocal recommendation?