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Disaster nearly struck

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  • Disaster nearly struck

    I went out today to get the young fella out of the house and took longer than id said i would and sharon rang to see where i was, because she wanted a coffee, and i was about 20mins away and i said turn on the machine so its ready when i get back as I had only turned it off an hour ago.

    Being a Silvia im always worried about the boiler and I was going to call back and check but I always fill the boiler before I turn the machine off... BUT... what I did but didnt think off is the damn leaking steam wand seal curse that silvias can have.

    Passed a friend on the way home he came over to see baby, but never says no to a coffee, and I went to the machine and ran some water through the group...BONE DRY and the reservoir,?, was the same.

    A quick fill and water into the boiler and all is well but it must have been close. Would have detroyed me at the moment ;D.


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    Re: Disaster nearly struck

    thankfully no major prob

    if you have a leak at your steam arm, or anywhere else you are loosing pressure from the boiler, this will affect your pressure whilst making coffee. (yuk)

    all machines get steam seal leaks, its a matter of a liitle bit of maintenance.
    silvia about 30min job to service steam valve. lube and washer replacement
    sometimes a small bit of crud gets stuck on the seal, try running water through steam arm. or descal
    cleanliness inside= good coffee