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  • Getting started in melbourne

    Hi, Im a Barista from Brisbane soon to relocate to melbourne. Ive been behind the machine for 1 and half years now but Ive never received any formal training. Im pretty good but not amazing. Im keen to lift my coffees to a world class standard and wouldnt mind working under someone if neccessary.

    Any tips on where to look for work?


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    Re: Getting started in melbourne

    Hi Yoyo,

    By all means feel free to drop by and visit us; muck around, have a coffee and let us know what you have done and what sort of work you are looking for. We are a smallish roastery in Abbotsford with cafes using our coffee all over the place. Our sales reps tend to know which of the cafes that they visit are looking for staff, so we might be able to put you in touch with someone. We have regularly scheduled free training sessions that cafes using our coffee can send their staff along to, so if you are interested you will be able to get some training at no cost to you!




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      Re: Getting started in melbourne

      Thanks Luca, a couple of people have mentioned that roasteries might be a good first point of call. I think Ill probably take you up on that offer.

      Any other roasteries out there?



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        Re: Getting started in melbourne

        i may well be looking for staff from mid feb / early march onwards for my coffee kiosk @ melb uni - drop me a pm if youre interested