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  • Bonfire Coffee...

    The Boema Single Group semi-auto, setup in the paddock "plumbed" using 15lt spring water drums

    We think it will burn...

    50 foot away was bright and hot... as the night went on we moved closer in... the original out door thermostat!

    I just did the math and we pulled a bit over 3.5kg of coffee through the night and went through about 13 litres of milk.

    Lots of hot chocolates and kaluha spiked coffees in the mix with double espressos, flat whites and lattes.

    Late that night we even roasted half a kilo of Ugandan in a frypan on the fire... that was for the breakfast shots!

    great fun.... and if you ever get the chance to pull shots in a paddock I can recommend it! ;D

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    Re: Bonfire Coffee...

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful time was had by all Andy!

    Java "Some day Ill join yall" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Re: Bonfire Coffee...

      It looks like heaps of fun. That is ALOT of coffee =)


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        Re: Bonfire Coffee...


        A great evening.

        Very special when everything just comes together like that.



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          Re: Bonfire Coffee...


          Great to see the Tranquillo in action again!

          You cant help but feel good when one of your prized possessions finds a good new home with a loving owner!



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            Re: Bonfire Coffee...

            ;D A loving owner that took your baby to a paddock with a 40 foot high fire? ;D

            It was a real work horse on the night and the best thing about making coffee outdoors is the mess.... it doesnt matter how much coffee gets flicked around in the process.

            We even had a "Knock Board".... a lump of wood leaning against the shed to knock the pucks out on the gound (although they did look like little alien steamers on a cold night). :P


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              Re: Bonfire Coffee...

              This must be a defining moment in the Australian ethos...when culture moved on the the next level. From sitting/standing-- beer in hand--- around the bonfire... to sampling and discussing the vagaries of  freshly-brewed espresso coffee. Well done Andy and everyone who participated.