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Help with Malawi Pamwamba

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  • Help with Malawi Pamwamba

    I dont seem to be getting the best out of this bean. Anyone have a few tips about roasting or brewing it. It has some pretty good reviews by others but the coffee I am making seems to be OK rather than spectacular. I usually roast to the start of second crack but the Gene Cafe tends to let it run on a bit while cooling. I have not tried a batch before second crack - would that be better? I never seem to have enough beans to wait until they are a week old - do they take a while to settle after roasting? I have tried brewing a bit hotter and a bit cooler but I did not improve things. It may just be my taste buds. I really enjoy the Columbian and the Brazilian beans that came up recently. I have about 5kg of these beans so I need to solve this. I think I had some last year but I dont remember any problems - were this years beans different to last year?

    Maybe I should blend them


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    Re: Help with Malawi Pamwamba

    Hi Chris, I roasted some on 7/2 and the results were pleasing as a SO.
    I took it out slowly 1st crack at 11.23 then pulled it at start of 2nd at 16.30 CS 9-10. After a few days rest they were smooth and well balanced with no bitterness.