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A true GOD shot...

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  • A true GOD shot...

    I ran into GOD (aka. Tony) today with his hoard of beans from this months beanbay. I parked next to the van, which was running and bumped into the man on his way out. Being a nice bloke he offered me a coffee, which I dutifully accepted in my capacity of CS roving reporter. Im glad to say GrindOnDemand is not just a CS identity, but an operational reality. Now I can report that GOD uses the DiBella Modena blend. Ive never been a fan of DiBella coffee as just about everyone who uses it makes atrocious coffee. But I didnt let that deter me. The aroma of the beans was enticing, so there must be some potential there. The shot was ground while I waited. Then a ritual was performed, which is proprietry requiring the signing of a secrecy agreement so I wouldnt blab. Then lock and pour.... oooohhh it driped out thick and syrupy and dark red/brown. While I asked for milk, I had to taste the shot.... Wow! This is one of the best shots Ive had in recent times. Now thats saying something, having just returned from Melbourne where Synessos abound serving up some amasing brews. This shot was right on the money.... unfortunately milk was added and it just became a milk drink. I found myself regretting this as I drove off.

    As for the shot, it was a tad sour (which was attributed to the roast) with nearly optimal extraction of caramels and similar flavours to make it worth savouring. The mouthfeel was also thick and creamy, matching my expectation as I watched it pour.

    All in all, I was impressed with a brew served from a mobile coffee cart, using an aging twin group Nuova Simonelli Mac 2000 and an Anfim grinder, which just goes to prove that you dont need a Synesso to make great coffee.



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    Re: A true GOD shot...

    Thankyou Mark