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  • Coffeesnobbed!!!

    Hah, I got a bit of my own treatment back last night.

    The father of one of my daughters friends came over to pick up his son. I had the machine on for my afternoon cappa and I offered him a coffee. He politely declined, offering as an excuse "I drink enough of it during the day". We got to talking a bit and he tells me that he owns a coffee shop. That obviously got me really interested (as in the dark recesses of my mind I have harboured thoughts of owning and operating a coffee shop as well). So I mention the Coffee Geek meeting at Yandina, which picked up his interest. A bit more chatting and I pointed out the PID controller on my machine. He asks me what coffee Im using. When I mention its a single origin coffee from the Dominican Republic, he finally gets really interested and accepts my offer. I make him an espresso and offer some sugar. No sugar. He looks at the dark brown crema and his trepidation abates. Then the taste test... thumbs up.

    Its great to really test your gear with a fellow coffee snob.

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    Re: Coffeesnobbed!!!

    Good one Sparky! 8)